Hydraulic Systems

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Valve Systems

Modular valves & cartridge valve manifold blocks

Cetop03 Valve range-a competitve 315 bar solenoid valve range.

Custom design manifolds - complex cartridge valve systems designed in house.

Hydraulic Systems

Petrol, Diesel or Electric driven

Design and manufacture - for Industrial, Marine, Aeropsace, Mobile or Mining.

Hydraproducts focuses on customer solutions for each application.


Hydraulic systems                     

Hydraproducts specialises in manufacturing powerpacks for a wide range of hydraulic systems. The range comprises of three modular hydraulic power pack types (micro, mini and standard) which are suitable for material handling, industrial plant, access, and vehicle applications. Where specific flow, pressure or filtration specifications are demanded, Hydraproducts will design a hydraulic system to your exacting needs.

  • Hydraulic systems for Formula 1 transmission testing
  • Electro-hydraulic marine positioning
  • Wind turbine maintenance equipment
  • Airframe drilling rigs
  • Anti-terrorist PAS68 and  K12 impact-rated security devices
  • Waste compaction plant

Hydraulic system design

Understanding advanced hydraulic system design underpins everything Hydraproducts manufactures at its dedicated UK factory. Users’ expectations of hydraulics systems make it essential that we stay at the forefront of new technologies, materials and innovative design. Only by the selection of appropriate hydraulic system components can we keep leading the way in the design and manufacture of the systems demanded by today’s hydraulics users.

In-house design and manufacture for hydraulic systems

Hydraproducts designs all its hydraulic equipment and components in-house to ensure unparalleled control over quality. Furthermore, customers facing hydraulic power challenges benefit from a company culture founded on business growth through customer satisfaction.

Supplying hydraulic system OEMs and distributors around the world

We supply OEM customers directly throughout the world. Overseas product support is through distributors in countries from Austria to Australia. Wherever our products are used, OEMs and end-users alike trust Hydraproducts for the reliable powerpacks and other components utilised in hydraulic systems for diverse applications.

From complete systems to individual hydraulic parts, it’s our product range, quality and renowned customer service that sets us apart from other hydraulic system manufacturers.