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12v DC hydraulic power packs – good things in small packages ben lee

As designers and manufacturers of the highest quality hydraulic parts we are very proud of our mini hydraulic power packs, which can be driven from 12 or 24-volt direct current (DC) supplies.  Our OEM customers rely on our consistency and quality to build functional and reliable equipment, including tail lifts, tipper trucks and trailers. Typically, our 3kW output motor, which relies on a 24v DC supply, is used to raise and lower the ramps of trailers used to transport heavy equipment.  The nature of the equipment using the ramp, means that the ramp itself must be sturdy in construction and therefore, quite heavy to lift.  The 3kW mini power pack does this with ease, and is fan cooled to guard against overheating.


For more lightweight applications, such as tailgate lifts on commercial passenger vehicles, a smaller output is needed.  For these uses a 12v mini hydraulic power pack is used, as the 12v motor can be wired into standard vehicle electrical circuits for tailgate lift functions.  The 12v model is available with a 500W or 800W output, so the choice depends on the amount of power that is needed to drive the hydraulic pump in the system.


We manufacture our products to be compatible with all major brands of pumps and valves, so they can be used in any system where a new component is needed, or the system needs to be upgraded to handle a larger capacity.  Our valves and other components we manufacture, are also designed to be used in a wide variety of systems, and with a global distribution network we can serve your DC hydraulic motor needs wherever you are.


Our mini hydraulic power packs may be small (around 16 inches long) but they are capable of packing a mighty punch; the model with most capacity is the 3kW, 24v model, but the 12v and 24v models have outputs between 0.5kW and 2kW.  This is a wide range of strengths, allowing our customers to use the most efficient and appropriate motor for their needs.  This range also means systems can be designed with the lowest possible power consumption across all parts, but with the most efficient hydraulic output of that power. System designers do not have to compromise on power because the ideal output size is not available.  We do make bespoke components, so even if we don't have the exact off-the-shelf DC power pack you need, we can still make it happen for you.


Our micro hydraulic power packs are also a great option for when one of our mini power packs are too large for the space available.  They are only 89mm square and can be discreetly installed in the moving arm of a security barrier or automatic gate system.  The 0.5kW mini motor with 12v DC supply is often used for step lifts and other applications where the load to be moved is not too heavy, so step lifts and passenger lifts on small vans or taxis that will not be taking huge equipment, can be driven by one of these smaller motors.  Running on a 12v DC supply means that the tail lift system can be seamlessly integrated into the electrical systems of the vehicle, and operated from the standard dashboard.  The driver can raise or lower the lift from the comfort of the driver’s seat and not worry about having to use separate controls for this action.


If you are reading this as an OEM then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  If we haven't got your ideal component listed on our website, then we will be delighted to create a bespoke product that answers your problems, all manufactured on site in the UK.  Call us today on 01452 523352

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