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5 benefits of using Hydraproducts ben lee

Hydraproducts are one of the leading international suppliers of hydraulic power packs, with a long history of manufacturing expertise and the design and supply of bespoke products.  Firstly, our in-house manufacturing capabilities for all types of hydraulic power packs means that we are able to specify, design, build and supply orders for many global customers, with no middle man and no extra distribution and supply costs.  Our micro packs are world leading and in demand from across the globe, with customers as far away as New Zealand and Finland. 


Secondly, we are also suppliers of Cetop valves for use in hydraulic power and thanks to our global distribution network, we can supply these parts quickly to our customers.  Our experience in hydraulics allows our customers to feel safe and confident working with and ordering from us.

A third benefit is our membership of the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA), which demonstrates our commitment to hydraulic technology developments and means we have access to the latest research and design ideas, as well as keeping at the forefront of legislation that affects the use of fluid power, both at home and abroad. 


Our modern facilities create a fourth plus point, allowing us to design, build and test systems or components with the latest equipment, ensuring our products are always up to scratch and will meet technical requirements.  We can test electro-hydraulic equipment on site, which means we are able to maintain a leading position on electro-hydraulic technology developments and retain a good working knowledge of these systems, which are becoming more and more important for the fluid power industry as electrical systems start to replace fully hydraulic ones, in some applications.


Our fifth strength is that alongside our hydraulic power packs, we also manufacture and supply hand pumps that can be used to keep things moving in the event of a power failure, or for applications where independent handling and hoisting of materials needs to be finely controlled by a human hand.  Our wide range of expertise shows our extensive capabilities and knowledge in the fluid power industry and serves to further reassure our customers that we are the right choice for hydraulic power packs and associated equipment.

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