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5 Reasons to choose a Hydraproducts Power Unit

1. UK Manufacture

Hydraproducts was founded in Gloucestershire in 2002 and we are proud to manufacture our hydraulic power units here in the UK, which we have done so since our inception.

Having UK built power units is a huge plus point as we ensure each one is hand-built with fine precision and fully tested in-house, offering you a reliable product with excellent aftersales support and service. This minimizes the risk of buying sub-standard and cheaply made mass produced products which could potentially lead to costly failures.

2. Technical Support

Our in-house engineering specialists have years of experience working with hydraulic power units and offer expert support and advice; answering any questions you may have and guiding you through the bespoke design process for specific applications.

3. In-House Product Testing

As well as the benefit of UK manufacture, Hydraproducts also has its own test facility, to fully test our power units before they are dispatched. We carry out our tests to set industry cleanliness standards and components are stress tested to ensure the units function correctly in a range of environmental conditions.

Many competitors don’t offer in-house testing and this one of the reasons Hydraproducts has built up its reputation for quality and reliability.

4. Bespoke Design Options and Extensive Product Range

Hydraproducts has a large product range and componentry division that caters for a wide range of applications. We are constantly adding to our product base to cater for the ever changing hydraulics world and offer full bespoke design solutions for those of you in need of something a little different, be it a unit for use in a hostile environment to a space restrictive application that needs a compact solution.

To aid in this design process, our expert CAD design team, which has a wealth of experience and knowledge and can create any bespoke hydraulic power unit to exact specifications; using the popular design package, Solidworks, can fully render complete units and tailor component specs and positions for use in a range of custom applications, keeping in close contact to ensure you are kept up-to-date with project progress.

We have created some unique power units for interesting applications in the past including a recent petrol driven unit to power a prop in the up-and-coming Terminator film, a bespoke unit which powered a ship caught in a storm in Alice in Wonderland 2 as well as units that were used for Formula One gearbox testing amongst others.

5. Quick Product Turn-Around

An important aspect of running a successful business nowadays is a quick turnaround of products.

At Hydraproducts, we have a large and varied customer base and have to ensure we manage our production process successfully and to tight timescales. We are constantly fine tuning our production process to ensure optimal turn-around times from the initial product query and required specifications to product completion and delivery.

We understand some customers need a quick turn-around of products to satisfy last-minute emergencies or have been let down by other suppliers and here at Hydraproducts, we fit the bill and can satisfy your needs, providing you with a quick service yet offering a quality end product.


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