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Prevent Unnecessary Hydraulic Troubleshooting Mistakes ben lee

Hydraulic Troubleshooting

It’s not an easy job to troubleshoot a hydraulic system. It something that always involves time, and in some cases even some creativity. Incorrectly diagnosing any issues can prolong downtime and may even result in unnecessary expense from replacing components that may still be working fine or at worst are serviceable. It’s important to take an organised and logical approach to avoid this happening.


Prior to hiring a specialist engineer, take the time to investigate the problem yourself and eliminate any obvious causes. Great expense can be wasted on calling in an engineer too soon when the issue is as simple as something like a loose wire or a pin that has fallen out.


Although your called-in engineer won’t mind finding something small and obvious as being the root cause of your issue. Of course, he will still be paid for the call out on an hourly basis, but you will definitely mind. You will be annoyed with yourself for not having discovered something so obvious that has now cost you needless expense.


Paying out for something that you didn’t actually need is not pleasurable. However, it’s not as bad as having to pay out to replace a component that has nothing wrong with it or could be serviced instead of having discarded it.


Not being knowledgeable about your system can leave you potentially exposed to being unintentionally ‘hoodwinked’ by an engineer too. In some cases, they may not know their subject matter much better than you do, and they may go so far as to recommend the replacement of parts when that’s not what the matter is.


In some cases, it’s wise to seek a second opinion, especially if the repairs are likely to be of great cost. 

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