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Electrohydraulics and the Internet of Things - Part 2 ben lee

Welcome back to part 2 … we continue looking at IoT and uses in the home.


The IoT is not confined to commercial and industrial applications, however, and the concept of the smart home is becoming more mainstream as people try out smart home apps such as the ones that control your heating and lights.  Although there is no requirement for using hydraulic components in these applications, combining the ability to control temperature and lighting with the ability to pre-emptively open your gate or garage door as you arrive home (perhaps with the use of GPS, so your connected home knows where you are and how long you will be) is something that will involve electrohydraulic components. 


Some smart home systems know when a window is open and allow you to close it remotely, which is great if you have gone to bed and realise a door or window is unsecured.  Electric actuators may be able to control the motion of most domestic windows and internal doors, but large windows, fire doors and external doors would require more power which can be offered by hydraulic actuators.  These systems are also perfectly suited to being used as a security solution in large buildings that are guarded by a skeleton staff.  Security cameras can be used to monitor all areas of the building, both inside and out and an intelligent network of hydraulic actuators can be used to close doors that have been left open without the security guards needing to leave their station.  In a break in situation doors can be closed and locked remotely, trapping a burglar until the police arrive.  Hydraulic components have a clear security advantage here as they cannot be tampered with by messing with electric circuits or by using magnets to interfere with electrical signals, and the hydraulic pressure locking a door shut can only be released by accessing a relief valve or by having access to the main control panel.


Micro and mini packs from Hydraproducts are perfect for automated door and window security applications, as they are small enough to be retrofitted in a building without causing a lot of disruption and offer a surprising amount of force for their size.  Multiple units can be wired in to add extra security when needed, or they can be used to affect a further mechanical lock that is not prone to tampering or damage.


Hydraproducts also manufacture and design bespoke systems, so if you have the seeds of an idea regarding how electrohydraulic components can help you automate certain features of your home or business we are the people to call.  With experience of working in hazardous industries such as subsea drilling and demanding locations like film sets where performance is key we are well versed in working within parameters set by our clients and always come up with the solution that suits the client and performs well.  Give us a call today on 01452 523352 to see how we can help.

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