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Environmentally Responsible Hydraulic Fluids for Offshore Applications ben lee

Performance and reliability don’t have to be sacrificed in order to use green and clean hydraulic fluids. 


Industrial equipment needs continuous lubrication to keep it operating reliably, efficiently and for long periods of time. The offshore industry relies on hydraulic fluids with high performance, more so because some equipment can be located over 100 miles from shore. Replacement parts and spare components can be days away, so all machinery being fully functional is integral to full operations.


Sourcing hydraulic fluids that are more compatible with the environment is something that many operators are struggling with. The current environmental climate demands that companies deliver a maximum output of oil whilst not crossing any boundaries of the increasing legislation that is environment related and adding to the complexity of oil and gas extraction in areas such as the North Sea. This is a trend that we predict to continue and spread to other parts of the oil-producing world.


Marine environments are protected by a number of international bodies and therefore offshore production is particularly challenging. Fluids that are less likely to impact delicate eco systems are catching the attention of offshore operators.


Fluids that could spill or leak into the sea need to be selected with the consideration of what effect they could have on the environment. There needs to be a balance between choosing a fluid that might be considered better for the environment, but that offers less in terms of performance results than one that provides improved performance. This is because the lesser fluid may need to be more frequently replenished and that carries a risk of spillage in itself. There could also be an associated increase in packaging, shipping, storage and of course disposal. All affecting the environment in a negative way.

Hydraulics is an area that can greatly impact the environment due to high pressures, flexible hoses and high flow rates. They can all make it possible for there to be a significant spill.


When selecting your fluid, stay sensitive to the environment and recognise what impact it could have from all angles including bioaccumulation, toxicity and biodegradation.


Watch this space for further information about what’s possible with environmentally responsible hydraulic fluids. 

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