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Getting The Best From Your Mobile Hydraulic System ben lee

Imagine being able to protect your mobile hydraulic system against fluctuating temperatures. The climate in the UK is varied and some say you can have four seasons in one day. The difference between a hot summer’s day and a cold mid-winter day is extreme, even in our temperate climate.

In this post we offer 3 easy ways to get the best out of your mobile hydraulic system – even in the opposing temperatures that are found outside throughout the year.

With the hydraulic systems of today being far smaller than they once were and relied upon to run at all manner of temperatures, it’s important to provide the best hydraulic fluid to enable easy operation – in particular for mobile outdoor applications.

As an engineer, you know how important it is to avoid down time and provide the right conditions to enable best performance, including out in the field


Here are our 3 pointers on knowing what to look for when choosing the right fluid for your hydraulic system:

Viscosity index is key. VI or viscosity index is an incredibly relevant factor when looking for an oil that can handle a range of temperatures. Seek a high VI and you’ll have an oil that will not be overwrought by temperature changes.

The advantages of a high VI fluid are that it’s possible to increase overall efficiency and prevent sluggish operation in addition to reducing leakage of internal pumps. Being able to maintain optimum efficiency in a wide range of temperatures will also help with diesel consumption whilst lowering the CO2 emissions.

Low temperatures demand high fluidity. Fluidity is essential in frigid temperatures. Your oil will flow more easily and this will aid a better start-up. Using the right fluid can cut warm up by 15 to 20 mins to just 3 or 4. It will also prevent component damage from a cold start.

High temperature oil delivers protection. Equipment that runs under heavy loads and has high pressure can result in oil become thin and therefore not provide the lubrication required to protect your machine.

In review, ideally the best oil to use is an all season fluid that will provide protection throughout the year.

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