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Guide to Hydraulic Power Packs Lyndsey Nash

Beginners Guide to Hydraulic Power Packs

If you’re new to the world of hydraulics, then you may have a few questions about what hydraulic power packs can offer. In this blog post we look to answer some of the most basic questions about why you may want to use them.

Hydraulic systems are used in machinery and tools to lift, pull or push weights. In addition to being utilised in the industries of construction, fishing and farming they can even produce the power for your favourite rides at amusement parks. The dustmen use them to empty your wheelie bins of rubbish. Even rescue workers make use of hydraulic power when they use cutters and car mechanics use hydraulics to lift up cars to work on.

Another application of hydraulics is to work the brakes on your car. When your mechanic tells you that he needs to ‘bleed’ your brakes it’s because any air in the system will prevent the brakes from working correctly. A broken or leaking hose will interfere with the fluid level too.

The liquid that can take such high pressure in the hydraulic power unit is known as hydraulic fluid. Fluid is used as it’s able to pass freely through tubes and hoses to control the operation of the machine. It’s important to keep this fluid clean and free of any foreign particles. This is the reason that filters are used. Any excess fluid is passed through a reservoir.

The hydraulic power pack is a component of a hydraulic system that provides the power to push the uncompressible liquid through the hoses or pipes to lift or leverage a weight. Used in combination with pipes, hoses, the hydraulic oil and reservoir tank, it’s amazing what’s possible with hydraulics. They have been in operation since 6000AD and now play such an integrated part in our everyday life that we don’t always recognise them when they are in use.

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