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How to bleed a micro hydraulic power pack

HPR power packs can often need to be bleed when commissioning, despite being fully tested at the time of manufacture.

This is required when the oil drains from the main manifold. Priming the hydraulic power pack is necessary as it fills the cavity between the pump outlet and the pilot check valve.

When the powerpack is first connected and filled with oil the following steps will help to prime the pump.
Step 1) Loosen the suction check valve plug A.
Step 2) Run the motor in the clockwise direction (eg for DC motors connect the colored wire to +ve)
Step 3) Air will be expelled from the plug and oil will begin the flow. Stop the motor.
Step 4) Tighten plug and run the motor in both directions, this will then operate the powerpack normally.
Step 5) Should the pump fail to produce pressure, repeat process at step 1 but by loosening plug B and run motor anti-clockwise.

For complete Installation and Maintenance Instructions on all our power pack products see www.hydraproducts.co.uk

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