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Hydraproducts - Our complete product range explained - Part 2

DC power pack motor performance

Welcome to the second part of our product range blog where, following on from our recent overview of our Micro Pack Range, we will now be focusing our attention on to our popular Hydraulic Mini Pack Range.

The Mini Pack Range is a big player in the hydraulic marketplace as, with its many incarnations and optional specs, it powers many different applications in numerous industry sectors.

We will now look at the main variants of the Mini Pack Range and their common parts and optional extras ranges:

Custom Mini Pack Range

The Custom Mini Range is aimed specifically at bespoke applications where a standard variant pack is an incorrect specification or power rating to provide the correct system power.

We have used such applications in the Nuclear Industry and Government applications where build specs must be exactly suited to the specific application and offer the reliability and efficiency demanded, especially when used in security based applications.

These bespoke units are also used in more industrial applications such as swaging machines or customer lifts where bespoke specifications are needed.

The AC Mini Pack Range

Our AC Mini Packs are extremely popular power packs as they can be built from our large stock of off the shelf parts including gear pumps, bellhousing & coupling and hydraulic valves.

Powering anything from a dock leveller to security barriers, they are a versatile unit that can be tailored to operate in hostile conditions and with its strong construction, is built to stand up to the elements.

Our AC packs are available in one up to three phase motors and can operate up to 250bar pressures. They also use quality OEM manufactured parts and accessories and like all of our power packs have the advantage of being built here in the UK by our experienced engineers.

The DC Power Pack Range

The tipper pack market is big business and Hydraproducts realised that when production started on their DC based power packs. These packs are primarily used in the construction and commercial vehicle sector where they are commonly found powering tailifts, tipper trucks and trailers as well as horseboxes.

They come with either 12VDC or 24VDC motors as well as the option of single or double acting valves. Group 0 and 1 high pressure gear pumps are also employed. A selection of programmable hand controllers are also available which can be tailored to suit lift functions.

Hydraproducts realise the need for optimum reliability from its power packs and therefore has obtained full VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) Approval as well as E11 Certification for its DC pack range.

Hydraproducts recently built on its DC Pack Range with its recent acquisition of Fluidlink Hydraulics who produced the Ifor Williams Tipper Pack which was used for their vehicle fleet. Hydraproducts will continue to manufacture and support these packs for Fluidlinks customers.

Our Mini Pack Range is manufactured in house and benefits from input from our experienced CAD design team who can bring draft designs to life, as well as our online power pack configurator which helps customers spec their power pack online and saves a pdf of the finished pack ready for the CAD designers to work with.


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