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Hydraulic cylinder sector set for excellent growth over the next decade

The global rise in construction and infrastructure investment, as well as the trend towards increased mechanisation of agricultural processes will benefit the manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic cylinders over the next decade. These worldwide trends are helping to drive the industry towards a value of $16.44 billion by 2025, according to research conducted by Global Market Insights Inc.

Double acting hydraulic cylinders have dominated the market in recent years, with a global revenue of $7 billion in 2015, mostly due to an increase in demand for mobile equipment. Mobile hydraulic equipment is expected to see a growth of around 4% in the next few years. Welded hydraulic cylinders also featured heavily in the product landscape and this sector is predicted to be worth $11 million by 2025, driven by a rise in heavy plant equipment and the need for customisation for specific applications; a factor that will play a large part in this growth.

Weak economic indicators suggest there may be a slow growth over the next five years in some sectors, as global financial markets adapt to the changing political landscape, but there will be a significant increase in the demand for hydraulic cylinders over the decade as a whole. Governments in developing countries have pledged to invest in infrastructure projects; the Indian government has indicated an investment of $325 million in the infrastructure development by 2020, and in Russia, the move towards mechanising agricultural processes will create significant growth in the demand for hydraulic cylinders for farming and food processing equipment. The sector enjoyed a growth of 3.6% in 2015 alone across Russia and the trend is forecast to continue in that vein.

The increase in demand for materials handling equipment such as; cranes, forklifts and production line machinery will be especially large in the Middle East, with a predicted 5% growth in the market by 2025 driven by that demand. In the USA, the spending in aerospace and defence sectors will drive the growth of the hydraulic cylinder market to an estimated $3 billion by the same date, with increases in manufacturing and construction projects backing up this rise in the demand for hydraulic equipment.

In China a move towards improving infrastructure will see a growth in the hydraulic cylinder market, raising the market share from $0.79 billion in 2015 greatly as the country develops both urban and nationwide transport networks. Maintaining the manufacturing industry in China will also reinforce the demand for hydraulic equipment, as this sector has been the main driving force behind the rapid economic growth the country has enjoyed over the past few years. Investment in infrastructure has been made possible by this significant economic activity.

Germany is also set to play a large part in the rising demand for hydraulic cylinders as it concentrates on renewable energy sources, with a growth of 4% predicted in this sector. It is also expected that more specialist and customised cylinders will be needed for the renewable energy market, leading to better developments in hydraulic cylinder technology that will then help to continue the growth of the sector from 2025 onwards.

As construction and infrastructure spending increases globally every country will be investing more and more in hydraulic cylinders; with specialists set to benefit from the predicted move towards clean energy sources, particularly in Europe, as well as the retro-fitting and replacement of outdated technologies in the agricultural, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors of the Chinese, Indian and Russian economies. Materials handling especially will see a steady growth over the forthcoming decade in most countries, but especially those planning to spend more on construction and production, such as America and the Middle East.


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