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Hydraulic Design - HyDraw600 - Quality & Efficiency ben lee

HyDraw V600, our latest investment in Hydraulic Power Excellence

Investment in business and design software has been a pivotal part of Hydraproducts growth over the last 10 years.

Upgrading our complete design suite to include Visio HyDraw600 has been our latest investment. Hydraulic circuit design forms an important part of communicating with our customers. HyDraw offers far more than that, Hydraulic manifold design and validation features mean our designers can quickly convert Hydraulic circuits into manufacturing instructions for direct application to CNC machining centres.



HyDraw V600 features

Accurate Hydraulic circuits using the latest ISO 1291-1 symbols can be selected from a comprehensive library of symbols, valve model data and manufacturers databases.

Simple drag and drop features allow complex hydraulic systems to be quickly displayed. Symbols have intelligent data linking to Hydraproducts valve and component databases, allowing our engineers to auto generate bill of materials. Symbols can be linked together using the “snapping” functions. Smart jumpers, connectors and snap to connection points make this an easy process. Connections are easily maintained when moving symbols around and kinks are removed to straighten connections.

Engineering features such as pressure capacity, maximum flow rate and pressure drops are displayed during the selection process ensuring all of our designs meet our customer needs.

Seamless integration into our SOLIDWORKS software is an exciting feature allows hydraulic manifolds to be converted into CAD files and 3D models.  

HydrawV600 has reduced our hydraulic design time to 50% enabling Hydraproducts to firstly communicate and develop hydraulic power unit designs more effectively with our customers but secondly bring these designs to reality to our workshops in less time.

Thanks to VEST HyDraw 600 we are more clearly communicating the technical features of our hydraulic power packs internally and externally, bringing our business some real benefits.


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