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Hydraulic Press Crushes Hydraulic Press! ben lee

YouTube have been enjoying plenty of video views of their latest engineering viral stars – a couple from Finland who are getting a lot of enjoyment out of crushing a variety of different objects with their new all-powerful hydraulic press.


It’s hard to capture the attention of internet viewers these days, as there are so many competing distractions of the flashing lights and adrenaline raising videos on the world’s most popular social media based video site. However, we hear that the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has certainly caused some stir both inside and outside of the engineering circles.  


If you are yet to see the channel, then it’s absolutely worth a look. Items are chosen from suggestions made by viewers, in addition to whatever extra items are at hand for the Finnish couple to enjoy decimating with their mighty machine. These objects are put into the hydraulic press, hey presto – they are completely destroyed through being crushed with some truly impressive results.


Just as the description on the channels says ‘see stuff getting crushed by a hydraulic press’, is what you’ll see occur in the videos.  


It was just 6 months ago that Reddit helped to publicise the site and gain it some traction. Now there are around 1 million views for each of this unique and quirky channel’s 23 videos.


Strangely, a very popular video on the channel attempts to provide an answer to the timeless question – can you fold a piece of paper more than 7 times? There are some seriously exciting and explosive results.


One video that is a must-see is when the couple decide to use the hydraulic press to crush another hydraulic press. It’s called ‘pressception’. The Finnish couple have brought something new to the science world. As an aside - what we all did before the internet arrived… we cannot remember. A time when all that could be found at home that was related to engineering were Haynes Manuals on VW Beetles or Ford Cortinas! Back in the time of what some people refer to as the ‘good old days’! 

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