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Hydraulic Pump Systems Preventive Maintenance Lyndsey Nash

Preventive Maintenance for Hydraulic Pump System

When it comes to preventative maintenance for hydraulic pumps, it’s essential to be aware of the critical part that the hydrostatic drive system plays. This is also known as the hydraulic pump system. This system comprises piping, valves and filters and is what controls the entire system.

Part of this system and what drives the machinery is the hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic pump is the generator of power and the good running of this is what ensures the pressure is correct.

A hydraulic pump works in either a hydrostatic or hydrodynamic system. The former determines the pressure of stationary fluids, whilst the latter is what forces the liquid and will often result in the movement of the hydraulic machinery.  The quality of the pump will depend upon what flow and pressure is required, in addition to the lifespan and its effectiveness.

When it comes to performing preventative maintenance of a hydraulic pump, it’s important to schedule this as a regular activity. Its success will depend upon a disciplined approach. It must also be related to performance so that any changes in performance are monitored and then action taken based on those results.

Considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind are:

·         How often is the system operating? Is it full time or only periodically? Is the operating environment dirty and hot? You should also check the manual or instructions supplied by the manufacturer to understand what their recommended operating parameters and preventative maintenance are for the machinery.

·         Check the filter and whether its predicted lifespan fits with your preventative maintenance plan. You should also check the history of the equipment and how often it has been serviced or undergone maintenance.

·         As in all PM plans, there must be procedures written for each maintenance task. These actions must be written in a way that is very clear and not open to be misconstrued by maintenance personnel at all levels.


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