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Hydraulic System Design: Teaming with Engineers ben lee

Hydraulic System Design 

If you’ve been acquainted with us for some time, you’ll know already be aware that we design and manufacture hydraulic systems however, we are mostly focused on the mobile hydraulic power packs. We have the facilities to test our products to ensure that they are tweaked to deliver the best possible performance under a wide range of circumstances. Although having the right facilities does help us with the development of new products, the greatest power that we have is the minds of our engineers.


What makes a great engineer? Is it their brilliance at technical matters?


Their determination to make things work? Well add both of these talents to passion and you’ll be on the right track. The minds of our engineers are able to create new answers to our hydraulic system questions – and they’ve got a whole truck load of wit to go along with their deliveries. Our engineers work hard to develop products that they know solve power challenges for our customers. They are resourceful when it comes to blending engineering tricks with the need to keep to the regulations of our industry and safety considerations.

It’s not just anybody who can thrive in this type of role. We suspect that our engineers were playing with Lego at the age of two in their quest to build (and knowing 2 year old, destroy) and they no doubt evolved into using Fischer Technic and Meccano to build their dream designs.


Now that our hydraulic engineers are operating on real work projects and applying lessons learned from the deep knowledge they’ve acquired around hydraulic system design, they are really flourishing in their development.


Taking valves and pipe mounts to create products that will last longer and be more dependable takes a lot of thinking. When working with clients who are in unfamiliar territory, it can be challenging for any engineer. Oftentimes, the customer won’t have a mathematical or design mind, and specification setting can be an area that is not easy.


However, if you’re looking to solve issues and you want to get it right, you may want to take the time to work with a hydraulic power pack manufacturer such as us.

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