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What You Might Not Know About Hydraulic Systems

Although hydraulic systems must be lauded for the amazing technological innovation that it is, there are also some other points that you need to know.

When it comes to cars, there are a variety of ways that hydraulics brought benefits from their invention and use. For example, if you have a flat tyre you will reach for the jack to lift up your car to change the tyre. In more modern times the hand cranked device has evolved into the hydraulic jack. Not only does it save your own energy to use these devices, but it will also save time.  (FYI here at HydraProducts we have experience in the automotive industry and design hydraulic drive shafts for Mondeo cars).

Another car related hydraulic use is that of hydraulic brakes. The power of the hydraulic system means that there is considerably greater stopping power than that delivered through other braking methods. Car designers are increasingly making use of hydraulics when it comes to back doors and closers. Doors on large vehicles used to difficult to open and close, but with an automatic closer vehicle owners that have their hands full of shopping or other items can conveniently operate this feature for easy access and use of their boot. 

It’s not only with cars that hydraulics have entered into all areas of our lives. There are also other tools such as pulleys and levers.

However, for the lay person there are also some risks. For example, hydraulics can easily crush fingers and hands due to their power. A child’s hand in the wrong place at the wrong time can be hurt if a hydraulic powered door were to close on it.

It’s also important to know that the fluid in hydraulic systems can also be made up of very dangerous chemicals. They can cause burns if they touch human skin, although not every substance is harmful, it’s wise to pay attention to leaks and potential leaks.

Hydraulic systems that are not carefully designed and manufactured can cause injury if not handled safely.

All our designs take safety into mind as much as possible. We also make bespoke hydraulic systems for applications that can benefit from hydraulic power. 


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