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Hydraulic trailer applications explained ben lee
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The trailer industry relies heavily on hydraulic power for a range of applications be it car trailers, livestock or heavy machinery transportation. This is primarily because of the proven reliability and strength of hydraulic systems as well as their ease of operation and user friendliness. 

As trailer applications use hydraulics in different ways, we have provided a breakdown of some common types of these below:

Plant trailers

Having to operate in a range of environments, plant trailers are the first choice for transporting construction grade machinery such as diggers and other machinery.

The hydraulic tilt mechanism allows a low approach angle for loading and have advantages over other types of plant loaders as they can cater for plant vehicles with low ground clearance.

Typically available in a range of different styles including all-purpose trailers with a single axis which are suitable for agricultural and building machinery and for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes, twin axle, auto tilt platform trailers are commonly used. Custom made tippers are available that cater for alternate platforms such as scissor lifts.

Regarding the operation of the trailer, the trailer deck typically extends backwards, initiating the lowering of the tailboard which locks on a horizontal plane. This enables the body to balance above the pivot point, which can then be angled allowing the machine to be moved on to the trailer. The pump valve can be closed off to allow the body to remain in a raised position in order to load other items; re-opening of the valve will then lower the body. The body is released when unloading so the tailboard will lower allowing the machine to be loaded up on to the ramp and the body will then tilt, using hydraulic damping, and the machine can be driven back off.

Car transporters

Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes, car transporters are typically enclosed units that protect their contents from the outside environment are and a popular solution for those wanting to transport vehicles around the country or cross continent. They provide a working platform for any owner and the low bed chassis they typically come with provides a stable and safe towing base.

They commonly feature a hydraulic-tilt bed operation, together with a loading ramp/door and popular materials used in their construction include steel and aluminium. Some specifications also include remote control electric winches and various loading and securing equipment as optional extras with the package to aid in getting the vehicle on-board.

Commercial tipper trailers

These units are primarily used to carry commercial and agricultural materials and are found in abundance in the construction industry where they are regularly seen tipping earth, bricks, mortar and other materials.

The trailers are built to have a high clearance for site access but also a low centre of gravity for optimal loading and towing performance. They have a solid and robust build due to the weights of materials they carry on an almost daily basis, and come with a single function high tilt mechanism which allows approximately 60° of tilt to ensure that any materials contained will disperse successfully.

A hydraulic power pack is typically installed in front of the hydraulic arm within a protective case and a pendant hand controller controls the tilt operation of the trailer.

Suppliers of these units comply with health and safety regulations by installing audible warning systems when the trailer bed it raised and lowered to enable operators to work safely and effectively.

Hydraproducts supplies a range of DC power packs complete with 12 or 24VDC Motors containing single and double acting valves primarily for use in tipper applications

As well as manufacturing the power packs themselves, Hydraproducts are also able to tailor their design for a bespoke fit to the majority of applications using state-of-the-art 3D modelling technology.

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