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Introducing the New Hydraproducts Components Division ben lee
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When building a hydraulic power unit, components play a vital role in the units functioning and it is important that they are supplied to the right specification ensuring system reliability and efficiency.


At Hydraproducts, we recognise this, and with our ever growing stock of hydraulic components, we have decided to form a Components Division which offers a range of stock components from well-established manufacturers such as OMT, OT and Setima for which we are official UK Distributors.


We have handpicked all of our stock components we offer for their tried and tested reliability, efficiency and value, so our customers get the best components for the best prices and with our experienced team of engineers, we can guide our customers to the part they require and the exact specification needed for their hydraulic system.


For those looking to create a bespoke system, we offer a selection of bellhousings & couplings, gear pumps, accumulators, valves and more.

Below we give you more of an idea of the hydraulic components we stock and their function:


Bellhousing & Coupling – Bellhousing is a crucial component that makes the connection between the hydraulic pump and the motor. They are commonly made from the lightweight aluminium material and are available in two different configurations, single piece and composite; the latter containing a flange or distance ring for a more flexible range of pump adjuster solutions.


Like bellhousing, drive couplings are traditionally made from either aluminium or steel and work alongside the bellhousing to form a shaft connection between electric motor pumps. OMT are a world leading manufacturer of both bellhousings and couplings and as official UK distributor of these components, we have a wide selection in stock covering a range up to 132kW motors.


Gear Pumps – The main function of gear pumps is to pump hydraulic fluid through the system and they come in many different specifications dependent on the correct fluid flow needed in a given application.


Hydraproducts is an official UK distributor of OT-Oil Technology (Brevini) gear pumps, a world renowned Italian manufacturer of hydraulic pumps. These pumps offer excellent quality, strength and durability and we have been using and supplying them for a number of years now, with excellent feedback.

The OT100, 200 and 300 range of pumps, which vary in size and function are fully compliant with European Build Standards.


Accumulators – are tasked with storing hydraulic energy under pressure. In damping applications they help to lengthen the life and functioning of a system, as well as giving the benefit of noise reduction and general running cost savings.


We stock two different types of OMT accumulators, bladder accumulators and diaphragm accumulators, with the bladder version working with volumes up to 500 litres and diaphragm up to 3.5 litres.


Hydraulic Valves – When hydraulic motors and actuators are operational they need valves to help control pressure and direction together then complete a hydraulic circuit.


Valves are commonly interchangeable and at Hydraproducts we stock Cetop, directional control solenoid valves, flow and pressure relief valves and pilot operated check valves.


As well as the components above, we also stock the following:

·         Manifold Blocks

·         Coolers

·         Tanks

·         Cylinders

·         Filters


So, with the new Hydraproducts Components Division you can now fully customise your hydraulic system in the knowledge that you are using a trusted, quality supplier with industry leading components.


Feel free to visit our new Components Division page here - https://www.hydraproducts.co.uk/hydraulic-components.aspx

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