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Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

What is it?

The “A” Frame section is moved from the inboard stowed position to the outboard launch position by Hydraulic Luffing Cylinders. The hydraulic luffing cylinders are controlled and operated from a central control point on the “A” Frame base, where all the individual proportional control valves are located, including the controls for winches. 

The individual proportional control valves where applicable are fitted with internal motor spools which give excellent control during operation of the winches.

The hydraulic cylinders are fitted with fail safe load holding counterbalance valves, to protect against hydraulic pressure failure during operation. The pivot points on the “A” Frame assembly are fitted with Stainless Steel grease nipples for lubrication purposes.

An electrical top limit switch is installed adjacent to the central fixed sheave which will trip the HPU in the event the dive basket is raised above its normal operating parameter. This additional safety feature protects the basket occupants and equipment.

At Hydraproducts we have incorporated further safety features on our HPU's with redundancy systems, this will ensure the safety of divers and valuable equipment if the hydraulic unit should ever fail.

Hydraproducts has a wealth of experience in supply and manufacture of bespoke Subsea Marine Hydraulic equipment. We specialize in bespoke projects with emphasis on quality and delivery. 

For those seeking to upgrade HPU equipment in order to gain cross-compatibility with different systems, or to improve the systems performance with current equipment, Hydraproducts can provide the necessary expertise to all corners of the world.

For more information on Subsea Hydraulic products please contact the main office.


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