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Maintain Hydraulic Efficiency ben lee

How to Maintain Hydraulic Efficiency

The reliable operation and output of a hydraulic system is dependent on how efficient and well maintained it is. If conditions are not optimal, the driving motor will be under pressure in a struggle to overcome loss of power. This is because details, such as right down to the viscosity of fluid, are important. If it’s not right, it can result in a sluggish system.

A sluggish system can affect how much control there is and how the performance of the output is, as the response of the motor will be poor. Also, you can expect it to run in a more costly fashion as more fuel will need to be burnt in order to maintain its performance if it’s a combustion engine.

The efficiency of these types of systems are reliant on both mechanical and volumetric efficiency. Frictional loss can impact mechanical efficiency as it will struggle to compensate. The conditions in which a frictional loss are likely to occur is when the metal surfaces are rubbing together. This could be a result of there not being enough oil to keep the system lubricated. Under normal operating conditions, there would be enough fluid to keep all components of the hydraulic system lubricated.

Hydraulic systems are not very flexible in some ways. They are made for hydraulic fluid to be flowing at an optimal level. Hydraulic specialists will encourage engineers to keep their systems running within a range of specifications and limitations to get the best of their machinery. When the system is tuned and working to deliver a good performance, not only does the efficiency increase but the system is likely to be far longer lasting and durable.

One of the methods that engineers use to maintain a hydraulic system is to run the temperature of the system at the same level throughout the entire operating cycle. In order to do this, it’s important to watch out for a number of factors such as how much air and water may be getting into the system.

Once they are operating at their maximum output with a balanced system, hydraulic machinery can produce great output.

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