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Introduction to the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Having spent over two decades developing a wide range of appropriate hydraulic power units, we have been told by our customers that our hydraulic power units are on point. Not only are they well thought out but they are maintenance friendly, efficient and leak proof. Each one is designed using the most advanced 3D modelling in combination with reliable fluid power analysis tools.

Our hydraulic power units range from micro sized to no-nonsense 375kW systems that are used offshore in the subsea oil and gas industry. Hydraulic power units are often used for serious hard core roles. After all, what else can perform such feats as pulling cars out of canyons, moving massive volumes of earth or lifting giant trees? The only machines that can are hydraulic power units that can convert the movement of liquid into mechanical force.

Power units are actually fairly simple. Their task is to pressurise fluid so that it can perform tasks such as those mentioned above. The fluid is then pushed along through a series of values as it cannot be compressed, so any pressure will cause it to move. At the end of the line, it will go into a piston which will extend as it fills and this is where the magic happens. A giant boulder is lifted up from a river bed or a disabled person’s wheelchair is lifted onto a bus. There are no end to the possible applications of hydraulic power.

Here’s an introduction to our range of hydraulic power units and examples of how they can be used in factories and out in the field:

Standard Hydraulic Power units
The most common requirements are satisfied by these workhorse power units. They offer AC motors up to 30kW and can produce flows up to 100 litres per minute. Holding up to 180 litres in the reservoir and producing hydraulic pressures of up to 250 bar, these machines are used across all manner of industries.

Easy to configure, assemble and maintain, these HPUs are often used for any application that needs a dependable source of power. Industrial machine applications include punching machines, niche areas such as charcoal drying drums and performing any lifting duties.

Mini Hydraulic Power Units
The little brother of the standard isn’t workshy either. Expect AC and DC hydraulic power units that product 30 litres per minute with reservoirs that can hold up to 100 litres and produce 250 bar pressure. These are the machines that can handle up to 5.5 kW. 

Our customers find that our mini hydraulic power unit is perfect for a range of applications such as cardboard compacting machines, climbing walls, car park access control equipment and machine tool clamps. They have been designed for easy maintenance and deliver years of trouble free operation.  Some of our customers use them on applications that have produced over 1 million operations.

Micro Hydraulic Power units
The smallest of our everyday offerings can still deliver serious power. Although it may have only an 89 mm wide footprint, this little beast is able to handle both reversible and uni-directional work, depending on what you need. DC motors range from 150 to 800 watts and the AC goes from 150 to 275 Watts with flow rates of 5 litres per minute. Hydraulic pressures of 200 bar are the norm.

Perfect for those applications where hydraulic power is needed but the space is limited. For example, our customers have fitted these to step lifts, wheelchair lifts and on through-floor lifts. Although they were originally designed for mobility applications, they have been found to be ideal for wider use including unmanned operations of pipeline control valves to tasks such as lifting glass into place on tall buildings.

Bespoke Hydraulic Products and Systems

Whatever you need, we can design it for you. We have already produced a broad array of hydraulic products that have been used for all manner or purposes across most industries.

Hydraulic power is still something that amazes us. When it comes to transmitting power, hydraulics offer the densest method of it. In the past, we’ve even developed a bespoke hydraulic power unit to flush out gearboxes in the pit garages of F1. You may not know it but next time you watch a movie and you see a full sized ship with rocking hulls on it, it could be one of our products that is creating that rock.

We enjoy solving hydraulic power challenges. If you have one and you don’t know quite how to solve it, contact us today and we’ll work with you to find a solution.


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