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Welcome to the first part of our latest blog which will be taking a look at the types of applications that benefit from the various types of hydraulic power packs we, here at Hydraproducts, produce.

In order to satisfy our customer base which is far reaching in terms of sectors and application types, we are constantly modifying and tailoring our power packs to suit these applications aided by our experienced CAD design team who can turn bespoke concepts into working units.

Below, we look at the power pack applications themselves starting with commercial vehicles:

Commercial Vehicles

One of the largest sectors that Hydraproducts deal with is the commercial vehicle market. A primary reason why this is such an important market for us is its sheer size, as many companies in the UK and abroad use commercial vehicles in some form from deliveries to haulage of goods as well as for construction and tipping applications.

Our main power pack for this job is our DC Mini Pack which is geared specifically for lift and tipping based applications and comes with a range of tank options from 1-55 litres as well as a large selection of motors and gear pumps.

Comprising a body of tough die cast aluminium, which connects the motor to the pump, DC packs give our customers the ability to lift, lower extend and retract hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraproducts DC Packs have full E11 and VSC (Vehicle Certification Agency) approval which gives our customers confidence in the Hydraproducts name.

For applications that require the additional need for their power packs to be fully waterproof and enclosed whilst in operation, we also produce the Mini Box Pack which is encased in a steel tank complete with lid and is compatible with a range of DC motors and cartridge valves.

Balers and Compactors

Hydraproducts is committed to helping the environment and with so much focus on recycling and maintaining resources to aid future generations, we work with a number of companies whose main focus of operations is recycling.

With the sheer volumes of waste that accumulate on a weekly basis which need to be stored at transported, it is essential that they are compacted and baled for transport and storage to save costs and space, ready for when they are needed for the recycling process.

Recycling machines themselves take many different forms dependent of the type and volume of waste that is to be recycled. Recycled packaging is probably the most common process we cater for with typical volume reduction of approximately 12:1 seen using a hydraulic compactor application.

Some materials such as heavy duty HGV tyres require far more compression force thus a higher quality hydraulic baler system needs to be used. Our HPS Standard units are built to tackle these higher pressures and we have a proven record with our units in this sector.

The HPS units we manufacture are versatile in the fact that they accept a wide range of motor drives; 1kW -30kW is the usual spec but for more demanding applications we can supply pumps up to 75kW.

Of course, in order to promote system longevity, the correct hydraulic fluid should be used, tested and replaced when necessary.


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