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Power Pack Applications Explained – Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of our latest blog which will be looking at popular customer applications that take advantage of our wide range of hydraulic power packs.

This time around we will be looking at various types of lifting applications such as scissor lifts and vehicle mobility lifts as well as offshore systems such as LARS (Launch Recovery) Systems.

Hydraulic Lifting Applications

There are many different types of hydraulic lifts in a range of industry sectors including construction, automotive, retail (shopping centers), manufacturing and many more.

Hydraulic lifting systems are popular in these sectors as they are reliable and easily to maintain with the relevant hydraulic knowledge in comparison with other systems.

Mobility lifts are a popular application that Hydraproducts manufacture packs for and these include access lifts for buses and lifts for disabled children fitted to school minibuses. Our hydraulic AC Mini Packs are normally used for this type of application as disability lifts have the same type of operation as seen in a typical scissor lift which the Mini pack also powers.

For smaller disability lifts such as those seen on cars and small private vehicles, Hydraulic Micro Packs are frequently used as these offer compact hydraulic power, as the power packs are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

As well as seeing use in vehicles, disability lifts are also commonly seen in buildings be they offices or shops and this is also a big market for Hydraproducts.

Scissor lifts are commonly referred to as elevated working platforms and are usually found in the construction industry as platforms where workers can access various levels of a build and have a large sturdy platform from which to work from. They can also be used for more routine work such as changing lamppost lighting and replacing large advertising posters. The Mini power pack, which is situated at the base of the lift, controls the lift functions.

Scissor lifts are also useful as they have the ability to carry power points on their platforms which is a useful resource if power tools are required to carry out work on a construction. This is a beneficial use that is not as commonly implemented in other types of lifts.

Offshore Applications

Probably the most well-known and popular offshore based application we cater for is the LARS System (Launch Recovery System). This system is responsible for the launch and recovery of ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) vehicles which are typically tasked with the monitoring of underwater construction builds and equipment, such as valves and connectors.

In order to launch the ROV, a special heavy duty crane is required and this is powered by two systems; the LARS system we produce and a TMS (Tether Management System) system. The LARS system will typically deploy the ROV from either the side or stern of a vessel.

The LARS system itself comprises of a HPS Standard Power Unit which is its beating heart and controls the winch and 'A' frame lock mechanism. This, in turn, deploys the ROV and also brings it back in.


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