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Power packs for Road Blockers and Bollards ben lee
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Hydraulics for Road Blockers and Rising Bollards

Road blockers and bollards provide active obstructions to control vehicular access. Commonly divided into two main groups either for Access control or Security.


Access control products are generally light weight and will be found at entrances and exits of car parks, roads and driveways. As traffic levels can often be high in places like an Office block car park or town centre bus lane these products must be designed for 100% duty rates, often clocking up 1000000 of operations in thier life.

Hydraproducts has developed a range of hydraulic power packs that have been tested to drive road blockers and automatic rising bollards. Commonly requested the ability to control functions if the power fails or the emergency services require access.

Mini hydraulic power packs fit neatly inside roadside control cabinets. Tried and tested on the busiest UK airports these units are giving years of trouble free operation.


High Security or Anti-Terrorist products are designed to provide Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (anti terror PAS 68) solutions. Providing physical security for Embassies, Police stations, Airports and Military bases. 

For larger crash tested blockers these hydraulic power units offer 100% duty cycling, with the back-up of a hand pump. Power-fail functions, emergency fast operation and battery back up operations are specifically designed for anti-terrorist devices.

Rising bollards are often used in multiples to protect an entrance or carriageway. Synchronizing these with hydraulics maintains protection and aesthetic operation.

All hydraulic systems are designed to withstand the high impact testing of the PAS 68 standards, and devices tested often remain operational after an impact.



All road blocker, barrier and bollard devices require high quality and reliable hydraulics, Hydraproducts has been producing powerpacks for this industry for over 10 years with a strong reputation for providing innovative design solutions.


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