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Prepare for the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference ben lee

Hydraproducts not only supplies mobile power packs to land based businesses, but we are involved in supply to the offshore mining and exploration industries.

It’s for this reason that we annually monitor the outcomes of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC); to keep abreast of new developments, concepts and knowledge in the arena of offshore operations and the environment.

Established in 1969, the conference is hosted in Houston, USA each year and sponsored by companies in the offshore industry such as Chevron and SBM Engineering. It’s a place where ideas and opinions on offshore resources and environmental matters are exchanged, cogitated and discussed.

If you’re in the offshore industry and you’re not aware of the conference, you might want to look at attending or at least receiving information on the outcomes.

Here’s what you need to know about the OTC annual conference: 

·         Participants can see the latest and most advanced offshore equipment 

·         Attendees can mix and mingle with the leading product and service providers over 4 days. Keep in mind that Houston is the world’s energy       capital and it attracts offshore professional from over 120 different countries – great for networking

·         The most knowledgeable professionals set up and implement a high quality technical program

·         The conference takes place at the same time each year, the first full week of May

·         As an aside, who knew that Houston airport has an incredible 700 daily departures!

Professionals at the conference don’t just apply their energies to looking at how they can perform better in their industry; they also discuss issues that are beneficial to all, such as the very worrying human rights issue of human trafficking. There is also a New Technology Aware and an OTC Distinguished Awards Luncheon for recipients.

Whether you decide to attend the 2017 OTC or not, there are plenty of ways that you can stay current with information about it, including:

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