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Subsea Hydraulic Power Units - What You Need to Know About the Oil Industry

Hydraproducts provides subsea hydraulics to a number of businesses in the oil and gas industries. Our marine related products are designed to resist water ingress, water pressure of deep sea and corrosion caused by salt water. 

Here’s what we have learnt about the oil industry on our travels:

Oil is key to the world’s economy. In fact, it’s what has been the lifeblood for the developing world over the last century and accounts for as much as 2.5% of the GDP of the world. It also provides at least 1/3rd of the energy required for humanity. It’s oil and gas that powers all of the transportation that we have on this planet, apart from a small number of vehicles that are electric powered. However, without oil it’s hard to move any vehicle at more than 25mph. It’s not possible to operate a modern economy without it. If oil stopped flowing, then modern civilisation would not run as it does currently, it would most likely collapse. Oil has become so important to modern life that it could be compared against agriculture.

Oil and gas have their own transport infrastructure that comprises of millions of miles of pipelines and shipping routes. The pipelines that distribute gas in the United States alone, could reach as far as to the moon and back between 7 and 8 times. Natural gas, crude oil and refined products are moved around in all of these pipes. Consider how you most likely have gas pipes in your home, these pipes connect to thousands of wells in rock that laid down millions of years ago. That is quite an amazing fact. Your home has a direct connection to the Pliocene era - thanks to the distribution infrastructure of the oil and gas industry. Also, thanks nowadays to subsea hydraulic power units!

Almost half of sea going cargo is oil. Surprisingly there is more cargo on the sea than there are fish in the sea. Although cargo that is oil is generally being transported for a much shorter period of time than most fish is alive for. So this makes the amount of oil that travels each year far greater than the fish biomass. Consider that for a moment. The sea isn’t full of fish…it’s actually full of oil cargo.

It’s very disturbing for some people to know this, but the scale at which oil and gas is currently being used  is going to make it practically impossible to replace it with another solution during our lifetime. Renewables aren’t likely to replace oil any time soon. Oil is a huge commodity that is highly depended upon by industries and individuals all over the planet. Although both wind and solar power are renewable powers that are expanding, they are so small that they aren’t even making a dent.

Oil is the major wealth of this planet

It’s not just wealth for producers, but it’s wealth for all users of it. It’s a tool for productivity and is notably a cause of economic growth. The human condition can be greatly improved by the use of it. The Mayans discovered that it was energy that secures success for nations just a little bit too late, whilst China grasped that fact and used it to boost their economy. Whenever a cheaper and cleaner more concentrated energy source is used, there are dramatic results in global wealth. When electricity was used, it created serious growth between 1900 and 1950. Then oil helped with the boom from 1950 to 1970 and gas from 1970 to 1995. Due to coal consumption in Asia since 2000, the growth has been smaller and taken over by the digital revolution and impacted by the Great Recession.

Surprisingly oil companies don’t make as much money as you might imagine. They have a lot of bad years (for example the 1990s) and have to make a lot of layoffs. However, discovery and exploration costs are huge.

As you can see, the world of oil and gas is fascinating and it’s an industry that we’re proud to be involved in. We create subsea hydraulic power units that are used by a variety of marine related energy companies. Call us today for a no obligation chat if you’re looking for reliable subsea hydraulic power units. 


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