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Tasks for the Subsea Hydraulic Powered ROV ben lee

The oil and gas industry use remote operated vehicles (ROV) to perform pipeline and cable operations on the ocean floor. The main benefit of this is that humans don’t need to go thousands of meters before the surface of the sea where the pressure is dangerously high. Already the pressure can be a challenge for engineers of these subsea hydraulic operated systems.

Hydraproducts have devised solutions for pressure challenged hydraulic components such as cylinders, valves, manifolds, motors and hydraulic power units. There are special requirements when it comes to the water ingress prevention and salt water corrosion in addition to the pressure challenges of deep water. It’s important that each component is manufactured for a long and maintenance free lifespan as it’s not easy to lift subsea machinery up from the ocean floor.

The subsea hydraulic power units that are used to operate the ROV use subsea control plates that are either pressure compensated or encapsulated. Each component is built using special sealing systems and subsea components that are capable of handling depths of up to 6000 meters below sea level.

Construction tasks possible for the ROV include:

·         Subsea pipeline installation

·         Subsea expansion spool installation

·         Installation of offshore structure

·         Subsea riser installation

The inspection, maintenance and survey support asks that the ROV performs include:

·         Inspection, maintenance and survey support activities

·         Marine growth survey

·         Flood member detection survey

·         Cathodic protection survey and calibration

·         Close visual inspection

·         General visual inspection

·         Scour and debris survey

·         Pipeline inspection / survey

·         Offshore structure cleaning

Other tasks include these drill related activities:

·         Bullseye reading

·         Water jetting / dredging

·         Seabed samples

·         Seabed survey

·         Drill string assistance

·         Gas bubble watch

If you’re looking for help with your subsea hydraulic powered machinery, contact us today for a no obligation chat and we may be able to help you to solve your marine related industry challenge.

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