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The Benefits of using Air Coolers in Hydraulic Applications ben lee
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In this blog, we look at air coolers and how they are used to disperse excess heat from a hydraulic system to help retain system efficiency and reliability. 


As you may well know, excess build-up of heat in a hydraulic system can cause a multitude of problems including fluid decomposition, damage to seals and other system components such as bearings.


Hydraulic air coolers are found in a wide range of applications covering various sectors including agricultural, industrial, manufacturing and mobile machinery.  Air coolers are essential if your system has been designed to operate at an optimum hydraulic oil temperature, as they ensure that this temperature remains at its correct level. 


The larger the system, the more likely it will need a cooler, unlike smaller systems which can harness the power of natural convection due to them typically running at lower operating temperatures. For example, if working with mobile equipment such as material handling, industrial process machinery or construction based applications where hot fluid can be a big issue, it is imperative the right type of air cooler is selected to control temperatures. This leads us on to our next area, which is the type of cooler that should be considered depending on the application it will be used for.

Selecting the right type of air cooler for your system

Identifying the correct specification of cooler for your system is a vital process that needs a lot of research to back up your final decision. We look at several key areas that will influence your selection:

Environmental factors – This can largely effect the amount of work a system has to do, with high environmental temperatures taking more out of a system, thus a bigger cooler being needed to correctly regulate temperatures. Likewise in colder climates, less cold air feed is needed for optimal performance

Temperature cycles – Machines often go through various temperature cycles during their running period, so this has to be taken into account when cooling measures are looked at so a best fit can be found. The timescales of temperature change must also be factored in so if for example, if a system tends to run at higher temperatures during a long cycle, a higher level of cooling is required to counter this.

Available space – With the complexity of some systems and any bespoke extras that have been added, the amount of space needed for fitment of an air cooler can vary greatly. This is something that should be looked at closely during the planning stage of a system design so as to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate a suitably sized cooler unit.

So, with all the factors taken into account above, you will hopefully have a clearer understanding of what to look at when choosing an air cooler, and at Hydraproducts, we can guide you through your bespoke design process and recommend best fitments for your system.

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