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What Hydraulic Systems Offer ben lee

What Hydraulic Systems Offer That Makes Them Superior

Although mechanical, pneumatic and electrical systems are able to achieve remarkable results, there is something that hydraulic systems offer that is just that little bit superior. Using fluids to convert mechanical power to hydraulic power makes it possible to deliver a smooth and comparatively greater power than the other methods. 

In some applications, it’s not just power that is needed, its smoothly delivered power. This is an area where hydraulics can excel. The movement of hydraulic driven equipment can be precise whilst being smooth and when jerky motions are not wanted, they prove to be invaluable.

Another very appealing feature of hydraulic system is the amount of weight that they can bear. They can carry more weight than even a pneumatic system which uses air to create power. Fluids are incompressible and therefore pneumatics cannot produce the same amount of force. 

Another benefit of hydraulic over pneumatic is that a lot less energy is required. Heat loss is less so less energy is needed to generate the same force. This can add up to make cost savings when it comes to large scale applications of the type used in factory and plant environments.

The disadvantages of hydraulics should also be looked at. This is not to deter you, but we do need to look at this side of the coin as part of the bigger picture.

Hydraulics are dependent on fluids and this can put them at risk of leakage. Not only can this impact the efficiency of the system and the power created, but it can lead to mess. It can also make it more dangerous in terms of there being an accident or causing damage in an environment that needs to be clean. However, danger can be avoided by taking steps to cater for this if it were to happen, as it’s a known fact that it is possible. 

It’s also critical to the performance of the system to keep hydraulic fluid clean. Contaminants cannot only clog components but they can cause damage.

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