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What is a Hydraulic Power Unit? ben lee

The main driving component of any hydraulic system is the hydraulic power unit. Comprised of a motor, a hydraulic pump and a reservoir, these units are capable of generating a huge amount of power to drive almost any type of hydraulic ram. Pascal’s law of physics is at the centre of the operation of any power unit, as they draw their power from area and pressure ratios.


The hydraulic power unit can be used for a wide variety of applications. These include:


  • Subsea equipment
  • Material handling
  • Aerospace test equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Oil fields
  • Automation
  • Machine tools
  • Meat processing machinery
  • Paper mill machinery
  • Rolling mill machinery
  • Government / military equipment
  • Clean up equipment for oil spills
  • Marine equipment
  • Theatrical and production equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial process

Any application that requires heavy and/or systemic lifting is suited to the hydraulic power unit. In fact, anything that requires powerful and directional force used repeatedly.


You can see hydraulic power units in use on an everyday basis. They are found on construction sites in machines such as excavators, bull dozers and even skidsteers. Each of these machines perform a task that is reliant upon the power produced by hydraulic power units.


Another industry that relies on hydraulic power units is that of the fishing industry. They are used to lift the heavy nets and pots. You may have also seen a hydraulic machine in use at your local car mechanic’s garage. They can be used to lift up cars to take a good look at them underneath and even walk around below them.


What is known as the Jaws of Life is a tool used by paramedics to save the lives of people who have been involved in car accidents – these rely on hydraulic power. Farmers use hydraulic power to harvest their crops and even the rubbish men collect your rubbish by using a hydraulic power unit in their truck. Even the brakes in your car use hydraulic power to work.


Hydraulic power units perform impressive roles in our everyday lives and they play a big part in making society run smoothly.

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