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What is a Tipper Pack? ben lee

What is a Tipper Power Pack?

Hydraproducts Ltd have been manufacturing Tipper packs since we were first established in 2002 exporting to all corners of the world. Our range of hydraulic power pack has a vast range of options, this allows both OEM and end users to tailor pumps to their requirements. Most tipper trucks have a single acting cylinder to tip the bed of the truck to allow material to be tipped in the desired direction. 


The hydraulic Tipper Pack can be supplied in 12v DC and 24v DC voltages to suit most range of trucks. The hydraulic pack pumps oil from its reservoir to the full bore side of the single acting cylinder, this extends the cylinder to lift the bed and tip material off the back, in order to lower the flat bed the normally closed valve incorporated within the manifold receives a signal to the solenoid coil which energizes the valve and allows the oil to flow back to tank thus lowering the cylinder using the weight of the bed. 

 There are other types of Tipper Trucks that can activate a 3 way tilt which gives the benefit of unloading materials on the sides as well as the back of the bed.

This has the same operating procedure but with special hinges in each corner like a cup and cone which pivots when the bed is lifted these are activated by removing bolts on the opposite side you would like the material to be dumped.  This can of course be automated with sophisticated controls using pneumatic (or Hydraulic) cylinders to release the side you wish to lift.

Hydraprodcts we can offer the full range of Hydraulic Tipper Packs you require quickly and competitively. Please call our sales team for more information on 01452 523352.

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