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What is an ATEX Hydraulic Power Pack? ben lee

Our hydraulic power units are used in a variety of different situations. Sometimes they are required to be operated in potentially explosive atmospheres.

At the heart of every hydraulic system is a power unit. It needs to be reliable and be capable of performing the job at hand. We design each of our power packs to be cost effective, reliable solutions. They are application-specific to complement our cylinders.


Most of our hydraulic power pack units are built from stainless steel, steel or aluminium and can hold a volume of no more than 2000 litres. Whatever the load is that you need to handle, we can provide you with the right unit.


In addition to our power packs, we can supply items such as extra oil trays that can collect to protect the environment, noise-reduction casings and canopies that are weatherproof.  


Contact us and let us know of the specifications required on your power pack, and we can support you in meeting your requirements.

Depending on what your load is and where your equipment is located, we can even equip our power units with an integrated cooling system complete with water, oil or heat exchanges.


Our valve blocks are known for being extremely accurate and therefore enabling a fast precision finish even when a volume flow rate of 750 litres per minute is in use.


With every system that we supply, we provide system-specific data sheets and fully comprehensive documentation. Whether it’s an ATEX certified unit or not we can provide you with certification and inspections as required.


Whatever you are looking for in terms of a hydraulic power unit, know that our range are designed by our engineers to provide you with a smart solution to your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

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