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What You Need to Know About Re-Use of Subsea Equipment ben lee

Many subsea engineers align themselves with a product lifecycle management system that prevents costly waste and needless disposal of subsea equipment. The success of the use of  product lifecycle management systems (sometimes referred to as PLM) depends on keeping records of products and relevant documentation such as drawings and maintenance records. When all records have been collected and well maintained then it’s possible to consider re-using components and refurbishing machines.


If it’s not possible to collect all documentation from suppliers and vendors, then it’s necessary to measure, calculate and take material samples to produce the documentation. Once the documents have been gathered and recorded, then it’s possible to look at how parts can be reused and aligned with new regulations, standards and field data.


With used subsea systems, there are occasions when components are no longer fully up to scratch. Perhaps a reservoir has lost some of its pressure or it allows water in to contaminate the product. Or it could just be that the product is no longer in alignment with local or regional regulations or standards that may have changed recently.


Once the engineers have communicated with the owners about what is involved both technically and financially in refurbishing a piece of subsea equipment, and agreement has been made, then it’s possible to start the project.


With so many different solutions available, it’s possible to arrange for a project to be implemented in a yard that is more local to the location of the equipment rather than towing it half way around the world.


However, if your equipment uses hydraulic power units, you may prefer to have one shipped to you to save time and money. We manufacture bespoke solutions for operators in the oil and gas industry. Call us today for more information. 

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