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Why Hydraulic Pump Changes Need to Be Scheduled ben lee

We are big fans of scheduling as we know what a difference it makes to the condition of a machine. For example, a hydraulic pump that is regularly serviced should still not be allowed to continue to perform beyond its expected service life. Although you may not notice that the rate of productivity has changed, once a pump begins to gain a certain age, it can put your entire hydraulic circuit and components at risk if it’s not changed out.

A hydraulic pump that is part of a service and maintenance schedule has a good chance of operating in a high performance manner. However, the chance of it failing whilst in service is much increased.

The problem with a component failure occurring during service is that it will usually make a mess, ie a vast number of metallic particles are going to be on the loose in your system. They will cause devastating damage as they roam around in your hydraulic fluid prior to being caught by your hydraulic filters. Even worse, they may even be so numerous as to clog your filter and then you’ll have unfiltered fluid circulating throughout the entire system.

Any component that fails whilst in service will no doubt be far more costly to fix than one that is withdrawn from service prior to failing. This is due to a failure most often causing damage inside the component. It can also cause damage throughout your system affecting many other components. Parts of the component that would have been relatively inexpensive to repair now have to be replaced.

Any sliver of your broken down component may make its way to another component such as a cylinder and cause no end of trouble. If you remove pumps as part of a schedule change out system, then you can save yourself needless downtime and needless expense.

If you’re new to our blog, then you should know that our vocation is in designing and manufacturing mobile hydraulic equipment for all sectors, including subsea hydraulics. However, we do like to pass comment on all aspects of hydraulics. If you’re looking for a mobile hydraulics solution, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. 

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