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Why Use a Quality Hydraulic Oil ben lee

Quality Hydraulic Oil 

In our experience, and no doubt in yours, the hydraulic system that runs optimally has a temperature that stays consistent throughout the operation cycle. It would never go beyond 130 degrees and would receive vented air that is dry and clean. It’s these conditions that make it possible to give a long life to your hydraulic oil and put a stop to equipment failure and the costly downtime periods.

Unfortunately, these conditions are not always easily achievable. Hydraulic oil may dish out temperatures between 100 and 500 degrees, sometimes even higher. Unfortunately rapidly changing temperature results in condensation or moisture in your system and can lead to water contaminated hydraulic oil.  

Depending on your application, other issues can occur such as reservoir temperatures rising. Once they reach 165 degrees, then the oil can begin to break down and oxidation can occur. From then on there is varnish build up and the oil will deteriorate and the development of sludge begins. Add humid air that is dirty to the mix and you’re not going to have a system that is performing at its ultimate best, it’s going to be struggling and choking.


It’s in these conditions that it becomes far more apparent why it’s essential to perform good filtration and that using a quality hydraulic oil can help to limit some of these issues.

Good hydraulic oil can make a significant difference when it comes to protecting the longevity of your hydraulic system and limit the amount of downtime it might otherwise have.

So what is it that makes one hydraulic oil better than another?


The first factor to consider is that a good base oil will result in fewer waxes and this can mean a better flow in addition an improved ability to dispel water easily. This base oil should also have a hydrocarbon molecule that is more stable and resistant to thermal breakdown.  Thermal breakdown is the major culprit when it comes to the development of sludge which can damage the pump. It’s for this reason that motor oil is not used in a hydraulic system. Motor oils contain additives as they don’t let go of water easily and this can cause issues that lead to damage to your hydraulic system.

For a number of reasons, it’s important to use a quality hydraulic oil. If you don’t, not only will your hydraulic system suffer, but so will your productivity. 

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