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Hydraulic pressure is most often used to create, fabricate and produce items, from refining oil to building homes and even maintaining cars, but not all uses of hydraulics are productive; some hydraulic machinery is designed to break items like locks and metal frames. The emergency services are one of the biggest users of destructive hydraulic equipment including the Jaws of Life, which are used to cut and stretch mangled vehicles, and lock breaking devices used to gain access to buildings.
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Hydraulic lock, sometimes referred to as hydrolock, is a condition that affects all engines and motors that use fluids, and can even affect steam engines in some cases, where steam condenses and water remains inside the compression chamber. It mostly occurs on starting up, but can occur during operation as well, for instance when a car drives through a puddle and water enters the piston chambers, flooding the engine. When fluid enters the compression chamber (over the clearance volume) it rest...
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