vertical micro power pack

Micro Pack

Delivering up to 5LPM from an 87mm body

HPR Reversible Power packs and HPU Uni-directional hydraulic Power pack for single and double acting actuators

standard hydraulic power pack

Standard Unit

Hydraulic Power units up to 55kW

Applications include:- Injection moulding machines, Auger Drives, Concrete moulding, Test Rigs and Drilling Rigs

vertical mini power pack

Mini Pack

AC and DC system to 30LPM DC Power packs for Tipper trucks, Tail lifts, Recovery Lifts and Trailer ramps etc AC Power pack hydraulics for Scissor lifts, Car lifts, Dock Levelers and Security barriers etc

Unknown Cylinder

If you are designing a hydraulic machine that requires a hydraulic cylinder but do not know what size to make it then the Cylinder bore can be calculated here, required thrust and Working Pressure must be known.

Useful conversions factors:

1kW = 1.34hp

1bar = 14.5psi

1cm3 = 0.061 cu.inch

1cm2 = 0.155 in2

1Litre = 0.22 UK Gallons = 0.26 US Gallon

1kg = 2.2 lbs

Total thrust force (Fst) Kg
n° cylinders
Working Pressure Bar
Cylinder bore diameter mm
Cylinder Stroke (L) mm
Extend Time sec
Full bore volume (Sp) cm²

Full bore Volume (cm²) Cylinder bore diameter (mm)
Pressure (Bar) Output Speed (m/min)


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