Flow Control Valve

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Flow Control Valve

The Hydraproducts CETOP 3 (NG6) flow control valves are designed for modular mounting with an interface in accordance with UNI ISO 4401 - 03 - 02 - 0 - 94 standard (ex CETOP R 35 H4.2-4-03). This flow control valve operates as a dual flow control valve in the service ports (A & B). Steel body and flow regulating valve cartridges ensure a full pressure adjustment can be achieved.  Flow control is achieved in one direction only, and free flow in the reverse.

Each flow control valve is supplied with a sealing plate and seals that allows the cetop valves to be fitted in either orientation. This achieves a meter-in or meter out function in one flow valve. Adjustment is achieved using an 6mm Allen socket key. The adjuster and decal scale are graduated for accurate adjustment.

P, A and B rated pressures to 320 bar, T to 160 bar. Flow rates to 60litres/minute.