Pilot Operated Check Valve

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Pilot Operated Check Valve

The Hydraproducts CETOP 3 (NG6) pilot operated check valve is designed for modular mounting with an interface in accordance with UNI ISO 4401 - 03 - 02 - 0 - 94 standard (ex CETOP R 35 H4.2-4-03).

This pilot operated check valve are designed to give leak free closing of one or both service ports (A & B). Hardened valve seats ensures pressures are locked in the service ports for long periods with very little losses.

When hydraulic oil flows from A(in) to A(out) the pilot operated check valve is freely opened, at the same time pressure is applied via a pilot spool to shift the check valve in B line to allow oil to flow from B(out) to B(in). When pressures are reduced the pilot spool is centred and both A and B check valves lock.

All Hydraproducts Cetop valves have steel phosphate coated body and pressure sustaining valves seats ensure a pilot raito of 3:1 exists between A and B.

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