CETOP Manifolds

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Multi Station

Parallel circuits to 8 station; Aluminium to 310bar.

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Single Bases

Pressure relief valve; bottom and side ports.

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Manifold covers; porting plates; pressure switches.

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CETOP Manifold Blocks

We stock a range of precision engineered manifold blocks, an essential part of a hydraulic control system.

B.S.P. parts are standardised to accept a wide range of hydraulic adaptors and conform to the industry recognised CETOP interface dimensions. They accept CETOP03 (NG6) and CETOP05 (NG10) valves from all conforming valve manufacturers.

The manifolds are manufactured from high quality aluminium to work at 310bar and we can also supply bespoke designs to suit your power unit.

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Hydraproducts has a large stock holding of components we are able to support irregular customer requirements. If you have regular needs then we are happy to hold bonded stock to smooth out production/supply fluctuations.

Supporting our customers with the comfort that our engineers have been using these components to build hydraulic systems in our own workshops for over 15 years. Our Technical Sales engineers can help and advise on product choice as well as identifiy and cross reference a wide variety of other hydraulic equipment manufacturers.

Key components suppliers

OMT - Based in Italy, OMT has become a world recognized manufacturer of Hydraulic components. A recent acquisition of Luen, Hydraulic cartridge Valve manufacturer, has strengthened the group within mobile and industrial markets.

OT - With a engineering pedigree in Italian gear pump manufacturing, this company produces some the of the finest Aluminium hydraulic Gear pumps available today. They are customer focused with a very reactive production philosophy.

TEC - Tec motors have become the largest reseller of AC induction motors in the UK. Hydraproducts has fitted the TEC (TECHTOP) motors to our power packs and power units for over 15 years, so we know the quality is well suited to this market palce.

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