Hydraulic Hand Pumps

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Hydraulic hand pump tanks

Hand Pump Tanks

Powder coated Steel Tanks from 1 to 10Litre

Strong mounting points-Steel tanks from 3mm steel with strong mounting points ensures long service life in the hardest of applications.

double acting hydraulic hand pump

Double Acting Hand Pump

operating double-acting cylinders

Hand pumps with optional relief valve - to change cylinder direction a range of lever options is avaialble.

single acting hydraulic hand pump

Single Acting Hand Pump

operating single-acting cylinders

Cast iron body and hard chromed piston - high quality hand pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps and hand-pump tanks complement the Hydraproducts hydraulic power pack range perfectly. Whatever your need for hand-operated hydraulic pumps, these precision manufactured products are designed and made to our precise standards. The range consists of the following:

  • Single and double acting hydraulic hand pumps
  • Double stroke - All handle movements pump oil
  • Steel Hand pump tanks
  • Supplied with mounting bolts and mounting seal
  • Rod protection gaiters as standard

Single-acting hand pumps (HPMU)

These versatile units operate a single-acting cylinder and can be securely flange-mounted to a tank. A variety of lowering knobs and levers control the release of fluid from hydraulic cylinders. A 600 mm steel handle with hand grip comes as standard so your pump is ready for immediate use. Interchangeable with most Italian pumps, they are available with 12 cc, 25 cc or 45 cc displacements and a relief valve option. They are suitable for tanks of between 1 and 10 litres.

Double-acting hand pump (HPMR)

Like their single-acting counterparts, our 12 cc, 25 cc or 45 cc HPMR series can be flange-mounted directly to tanks with capacities up to 10 litres. A double-acting lever controls the direction of a hydraulic cylinder, with a relief valve available as an option. As with the HPMU pumps, a 600 mm steel handle with hand grip is also supplied. These products are also interchangeable with all Italian pumps.

Hydraulic hand pump tanks

Designed to be compatible with our hand pumps, these tanks are constructed from durable 3mm steel and can be conveniently bulkhead mounted (vertically or horizontally) with four M8 bolts. For added convenience, the black powder-coated units are available in capacities up to 10 litres and come fitted with a filler/breather and drain plug. Suitable suction tubes are supplied to ensure trouble-free installation.

Whatever your requirements, Hydraproducts hydraulic hand pumps offer precision design and manufacture, suitability for a wide range of hydraulic applications and the all-important stock availability. Whether for independent use in materials handling or hoisting, or for the peace of mind of a back-up hydraulic hand pump in case of power failure, each is supplied by Hydraproducts, one of the leading UK manufacturers of hydraulic pumps, for years of reliable service.

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