Engine Driven Power Packs

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Why Use an Engine Driven Power Pack?

Hydraulic Engine Package

Hydraproducts are known worldwide for their role in being leading specialists in design and manufacturing of hydraulic power packs. Our products are found in several different industries for a wide range of applications.

One of our areas of expertise is the engine driven hydraulic power pack and its integration with hydraulic systems in a variety of industries including manufacturing, renewable energy and construction industries.

It’s important to us that our R&D department ensures that each of our technologically advanced power packs meet the highest of quality standards with a product that meets your needs.

What can the engine driven hydraulic power pack do?

The main benefit of engine powered hydraulic power pack is the ability to deliver hydraulic power to areas where electricity is limited, unavailable or unsafe to use.

Engine packs are driven from either a petrol or diesel engine usually at a fixed speed at its optimum speed for power and torque delivery. A range of pumps can be fitted depending on the flow and pressure required with the common control being manual single or multi lever valve banks.

The complete package is mounted onto a fabricated skid.

  • Recovery of locomotives and rail stock following derailment, the equipment needs to be highly mobile or access to remote locations.
  • Raising and lowering of wind turbine masts for maintenance.
  • A hydraulic pump is used to transfer fish on farms between growth stages requiring temporary power from a portable power pack.
  • Hydraulic power for various construction related machinery such as cranes, jibs, road cutting.
  • Pile driving or powering augers.
  • Deck mounted winches and jib on trawlers.
  • Log splitters on forestry machinery, often combined with power barrow.
Diesel Engine Hydraulic unit
Should you go with Petrol or Diesel Engine Driven Hydraulic Power Pack?

Petrol engines are lighter, improving portability and are commonly built as units with carry handles or as a wheelbarrow format. Air-cooling and ripcord pull starting eliminates the need of radiators and batteries and makes for a compact lightweight package.

Diesel powered power packs are heavier which makes them less portable and typically require forklifting into position. Diesels also benefit from greater economy so tend to be used on larger and longer runtime applications.

Diesel packages have become highly evolved with radiator, electric start, acoustic covers, spark arrestors and remote controls a common feature.

How can Hydraproducts help?

Not only do we design and manufacture engine driven hydraulic power packs, we can also install, commission and service them anywhere around the globe with the help of our knowledgeable team. We can build you a set to order using our knowledge and experience of what works best under your specific circumstances such as climate, specific application requirements and remoteness of use.

We also supply standard hydraulic power packs for marine, industrial and mobile use. For example, those used on scissor lifts, plant trailers, security equipment, industrial machinery and tipping trucks. With a global network of OEMs and distributors, we ensure that our reliable and technically advanced products are available around the world at competitive prices.

Globally identified for our innovation in the hydraulic power pack manufacturing field, we have OEM customers located across the UK and distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Finland.

Back in 2013 we achieved ISO9001 accreditation through our focus and dedication to high quality with regards to design and manufacture. Strongly geared towards growth of product line, customer base and of our engineers and knowledgebase, we work hard to deliver customer satisfaction through reliability, consistency and quality.

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