Fluidlink Hydraulics Power Packs

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Fluidlink New G Pack
'G' Pack

0.37kW to 5.5kW Motors, 1.5-30L Tanks, Pressures up to 250bar

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Updated Smiths MKII Pack
'H' Mk3D Pack (Smiths)

500W to 3.0kW Motors, 1.5 - 28L Tanks, Pressures up to 250bar

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Ifor Williams trailer Pack
Trailer Pack

12Vdc 1kW Motor, 8L Plastic Tank, 5Lr/Minute 150bar flow rate

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Pendnat Controllers for DC vehicles
Pendant Controllers

For use with 12/24VDC Supply, Max current 10A, Double Acting

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Spares for Smiths Hydraulic products
OEM Spares

Hand pumps, start solenoids

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Smiths Industries and Fluidlink logo
The Smiths and Fluidlink Story

How the Smiths Mk3 Power pack developed under the control of Fluidlink

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Fluidlink Hydraulics Now Under New Ownership

Hydraproducts have acquired the business and assets of Fluidlink Hydraulics and will continue to manufacture their product range, whilst maintaining the high level of quality and service Fluidlink Hydraulics were renowned for.

Fluidlink Hydraulics power pack range is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including tippers/trailers, mobility lifts and waste recycling machinery. When Smiths Industries withdrew from the hydraulics marketplace back in the early 2000s, Fluidlink took over its production of power packs, investing heavily in the necessary machinery to develop into a manufacturer capable of supporting its existing customers and allowing for further expansion.

Designed using the latest version of Solidworks 3D CAD software, each Fluidlink power pack can be built for a number of bespoke applications with a range of optional components available including motors, pumps, valves and tanks.

‘G’ Pack Range

The popular 'G' pack range consists of a solid aluminium centre body and is compatible with a range of plastic and steel tanks as well as modular blocks, enabling a selection of industry standard control valves to be fitted as well as modified centre bodies, which can accommodate manual hand pumps and overrides.

Available specifications:
  • Motors: 240/415Vac, 0.37kW to 5.5kW
  • Pumps: 0.25cc/rev to 9.8cc/rev
  • Tanks: 1.5Litres to 30L tanks usable volume (specials available on request)
  • Pressures up to 250bar, flows up to 18L/min.
  • 1/4″ BSP Connection ports
  • 08/20 Valve cavity port
  • Internal check valve and adjustable relief valve
‘H’ Mk3D Range (Smiths)

Fluidlink’s MK3D power pack is a continuation of the former Smiths Industries MK3 power pack which had been re-engineered by Fluidlink when they started manufacturing it back in 2002. This includes a new re-engineered aluminium cast centre plate which can accommodate a GP1 gear pump and also incorporate a wide variety of control valves.

Available specifications:
  • Motors: 12/24Vdc, 500W to 3.0kW
  • Pumps: 0.25cc/rev to 5.8cc/rev
  • Tanks: 1.5Litres to 28L tanks usable volume (specials available on request)
  • Pressures up to 250bar, flows up to 18L/min.
  • 3/8″ BSP Connection ports
  • 08/20 Valve cavity port
  • Internal check valve and adjustable relief valve
Trailer Pack

The Fluidlink Trailer Pack was originally developed for mass production of tipping trailers between 2007 and 2014, the production of these units continues to the present day. A large stock of spares for the Trailer pack range are available including complete power packs off the shelf, with battery cables and hoses pre-fitted.

Pendant Controllers

Fluidlink standard electronic equipment allows you to operate the power packs and systems in the Fluidlink hydraulic power pack range.

A large variety of handsets and wiring looms are held in stock to suit the majority of power packs, with custom looms and control systems available on request.

The pendant range includes 3 varieties of controller, all double action, that offer a standard unit with 2-button up/down momentary selector switch for raising and lowering operation; a controller with rotary toggle switch which enables the user to control operation from the inside or outside of a tipper vehicle. Finally an E-Stop version of the controller is available which includes an Emergency Stop button for increased operational safety.

A 100% in-house product testing protocol is employed to ensure all products meet the highest standard before they leave the factory with no compromise on quality.

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