H Range Mk3D Power Packs

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Smiths MK3 powerpack
'H' Range Mk3D Pack (Smiths)

500W to 3.0kW Motors, 1.5-28L Tanks, Pressures up to 250bar

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H Range Mk3D Power Packs

Originally manufactured by Smiths Industries Hydraulics and known as the MK3. Fluidlink have re-engineered the aluminium cast centre plate to incorporate an industry standard 08/20 valve cavity and accomodate a GP1 gear pump.

Available with a range of steel tanks and modular blocks allowing various control valves to be fitted directly onto the centre plate. Ideal for Tipping applications,, the Mk3 is one of the most popular Fluidlink Hydraulic Power Packs.

Available specifications:
  • Motors: 12/24Vdc, 500W to 3.0kW
  • Pumps: 0.25cc/rev to 5.8cc/rev
  • Tanks: 1.5Litres to 28L tanks usable volume (specials available on request)
  • Pressures up to 250bar, flows up to 18L/min.
  • 3/8″ BSP Connection ports
  • 08/20 Valve cavity port
  • Internal check valve and adjustable relief valve
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