Hydraulic Services

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Hydraulic services

Our hydraulic services are underpinned by continual investment in product development, manufacturing and, most importantly, our people. This approach allows us to be a leading company in delivering hydraulic systems. Everything we do is focused on giving you quality and performance in industrial hydraulics.

A major advantage of using Hydraproducts is that we are one of the few hydraulic power pack suppliers who manufacture our products here in the UK. This allows us to provide a first class service and offer reliable, high quality products.

  • Design facilities for hydraulic services and hydraulic power pack products
  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • Prototype development
  • Testing
  • Assembly
  • Stocking
Design facilities

Our engineers embrace advanced engineering design from the start. From SolidWorks to AutoCAD, and from inspired individual insight to advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA), our hydraulic design team uses best-practice techniques and tools to deliver the quality you demand.

We strive to remain at the cutting edge of CAD design to provide our customers with accurate and detailed 3D renders of their completed hydraulic power units, so no matter your bespoke requirements, our team can design complete systems as well as modular componentry to suit your needs.

Expert knowledge and advice

If, at any point in your bespoke system design you query usage and positioning of componentry to ensure your hydraulic system runs effectively or simply need assistance, our experienced in-house team of engineers can advise you on recommended system layouts and bespoke componentry that would help optimise your system to provide the best levels of performance and system longevity.

We also have experience working on environmental and temperature sensitive systems where we have, for example, had to account for fire safety and using fire safe system fluids or where special system paint finishes are required due to use in specific environments. We can offer our professional advice and guidance if you are looking to design one of these bespoke systems.

Prototype development

When the work of each hydraulic designer is complete, a skilled hydraulic engineering prototype development team offers years of experience in bringing product ideas to life whilst accurately adhering to original design specifications.


A commitment to thorough testing throughout design, development and manufacturing is your guarantee of precision, reliability and superb performance in hydraulics. As well as an in-house electro-hydraulic test centre, we also have our own hydraulic power pack test facility and special test areas linked to production.


Manufacturing and assembly take place on three dedicated production lines. This ensures consistency and quality and reassures you that our hydraulics engineering products will be manufactured to the highest quality and delivered on time.

Stocking - a vital part of our hydraulic service

A well-organised in-house stocking area is packed with hydraulic power pack components so you can count on the good availability. It’s all part of our market-leading hydraulic service.

Control is everything in the design and manufacture of advanced hydraulic products. From individual pump motors to complete mobile hydraulics systems, this enables us to maintain control of the whole process – so you can be sure of getting the hydraulic services and products you need whenever you need it.

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