Steel Reservoir Accessories

Larger reservoirs can be produced by using a mild steel wedl collar. This can be welded onto and reservoir and allows the central manifold to be bolted to the reservoir and gives a good sealing surface.

The largest of our horizontal style hydraulic powerpack reservoirs these 45 litre tanks are manufactured from two drawn steel shells that are welded to create a strong product. At the top middle there is a 1" BSP Filler/Breather cap. A 1"BSP drain plug is fitted underneath reservoir so the hydraulic oil can be drained and replaced. Mini hydraulic powerpacks are generally fitted with a vented filler cap, most commonly plastic. These include a filter material to prevent basic contamination entering the power pack tank when the air breathes in and out. To allow customers to manufacture special hydraulic powerpack reservoirs a steel weld flange can be supplied. These are bolted to the power pack central manifold and welded to the tank.

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