HPM Hydraulic Mini Pack Configurator

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Step 1 - Select a motor
Select from 1 phase, 3 phase or DC Motors to operate the power pack.
Step 2 - Choose your pump
Select from Group 0 or Group 1 hydraulic gear pumps.
Step 3 - Select the power pack orientation
Select from Vertical or Horizontal ( Note, assembly drawings produced by this configurator are all horizontal).
Step 4 - Select the Central Manifold
Select from a manifold with G1/4" or G3/8" ports. (Note:- if using 3/8" ports then the NG6 adaptor manifolds cannot be fitted). All manifolds are fitted with Pressure Relief valve and Check Valve as standard.
Step 5 - Select a Cartridge Valve
A 2/2 Cartridge Valve can be fitted into the central manifold. A normally closed solenoid lowering valve is required for single acting circuits.
Step 6 - Select a Control valve voltage
If you are selecting a Solenoid operated control valve, then please select the voltage.
Step 7 - Select a flow control insert
If you have a single acting circuit we can fit a pressure compensating fixed flow control insert into the central manifold, this will control the lowering speed.
Step 8 - Select the oil reservoir
Metal or steel reservoirs from 1 Litre to 45 Litre and plastic reservoirs up to 8 Litres are standard. Bespoke tanks are available.
Step 9 - Select an adaptor manifold
These manifolds can be fitted directly to the central manifold. They offer and NG6 interface. A back up hand pump, return filters and other manifolds are available. Many other valve functions are also possible, please ask our sales team.
Step 10 - Select a spacer for the adaptor manifold
When an adaptor manifold is selected a spacer will be required if the AC motor is larger than 80 frame. For AC motors of 112 frame a 39mm spacer is recommended.
Step 11 - Select an NG6 (Cetop03) Valve
Solenoid and lever valves can be selected here. Single and double solenoid valves are available; please check the HPM catalogue for more details or contact our sales team. Note:- assembly drawings will only show double solenoid valve options.
Download your Assembly drawing (pdf)
Hydraproducts has designed this configurator to cover 90% of the most common build configurations. There are more than 4 million possible configurations, our sales team will be happy to provide others on request.


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