Custom Design Mini Power Packs

Hydraproducts can custom design hydraulic mini power packs to your required specification making them suitable for a large range of applications covering anything from commercial lift applications to security bollards. They can be found in locations such as the Houses of Parliament or Nuclear power stations.

Choosing from a range of customisable components including electric motors from AC powered 0.37kW single phase - 5.5kW 3 phase to DC powered 0.8kW 12VDC – 3kW 24VDC as well as Group 0 and 1 high pressure hydraulic gear pumps.

A wide range of stocked oil tank sizes are available as well as customer designed to suit you space requirements.  3D solid models can be supplied to help you integrate them into your own hydraulic machine designs.

Hydraulic system design is our speciality so we assist in specifying the correct valve arrangement to drive your hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic cartridge valve and solenoid directional control valves are all common additions to our custom build hydraulic power packs. You can use our Hydraulic Power Unit Configurator to design your own hydraulic power pack and see a finished drawing of your system before submitting your application to us.