DC Mini Power Packs

Choosing from a range of customisable components including electric motors from AC powered 0.37kW single phase - 5.5kW 3 phase to DC powered 0.8kW 12VDC – 3kW 24VDC as well as Group 0 and 1 high pressure hydraulic gear pumps.

A high pressure die cast aluminium centre body forms the core of our power packs, this is what joins the DC motor to the pump. It also allows you to fit a range of hydraulic control valves to give customers a compact yet complex hydraulic circuit for numerous lift, lower, extend, retract hydraulic functions.

Our DC packs come with motors ranging from 500W to 3kW and available in either 12V or 24VDC variants as well as some of the 48V and 72V options which are growing in popularity. Gear pump sizes range from 0.25cc to 9.8cc/rev with tandem and cast iron options available.

Tank options range from 1-55 litres and you can use our popular Hydraulic Power Unit Configurator  to customise the specification of your power unit dependant on the needs of your application.